Web Design/Development at TC Columbia


html/css , javascript , PHP , graphic design , UI/UX design

I have been working as a web developer in the Office of the Web at Teachers College, Columbia University since May, 2015.

Working in a large institution like Teachers College requires me to be proficient in using Content Management Systems so as to handle and support multiple sites efficiently. I've learned to think about the hierarchical structures of the sites and how I could reuse resources across sites.

Another important part of the job is to meet with site stakeholders to discuss site goals and content needs, create site development plans, and execute new designs. The needs analysis process always proved to be crucial in the designing and developing stages.

I've also gained plenty of hands-on experience and honed my skills with javascript and css (customizing the design for specific sites) and PHP (handling login functions).

TerminalFour Site Manager:

Using the CMS, I created different content types and specific layouts, which enabled me to efficiently create and customize sites.

Below are some of my work:

National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education

Client-side javascript filters for the publications

Teacher Education at Teachers College

Neatly aligned cards with multimedia resources

Spirituality Mind Body Institute

Customized layout with featured picture cards

Language and Social Interaction

Customized page background image and color theme

Leadership Institute for School Change

Simple and fresh looking layouts

Rita Gold Early Childhood Center

Matching color theme with the logo

Center for Technology and School Change

Video banner and customized layout

TC Academics

Stylishly designed modal cards

Dean Hope Center

Login function with customized color scheme


Stylishly designed conference program/schedules

Below are links to more of my work:

Last work


TC Web Redesign

Web design

Redevelop mobile-responsive websites for TC Columbia

front-end , UI/UX design



A tablet-optimized app that helps users discover popular movies

content provider , tablet , api

Hollingworth Redesign

Web design

A fresh-looking responsive design targeting younger audience

responsive , graphic design

Stock Hawk


Functionality implementation and UI/UX improvement on an existing app

improvement , accessibility , locale , library



A simple cloud-sync note-taking Android app

Parse SDK , cloud-sync , note-taking


Web design

An online collaborative storytelling platform

casual learning , storytelling , Parse SDK , responsive design

Edtech Summit 2015

Web design

A simple yet informative mobile-responsive conference site

responsive , bootstrap , vibrant colors

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