Multi-select Data Validation

Add-on for Google Sheets which allows users to add CSVs using predefined ranges

Google Sheets's built-in Data Validation feature allows users to set up certain criteria for cell ranges, which is really helpful when users want the data to be consistent and without accidental user errors.

However, one major disappointment for a lot of the users is the lack of support for multiple values selection.

For example, if a user has defined the following tags: "Web App", "React", "Front-end" and "Back-end", it's not really possible to label a project as both "Web App" and "Front-end" with the built-in Data Validation feature, not without some time-consuming workaround methods, such as creating different combinations of choices.

"Multi-select Data Validation" add-on for Google Sheets is a perfect tool for users with the need to select multiple values from a predefined range. The user can easily add and modify ranges, select the checkboxes and apply corresponding values to the currently selected cell in a breeze.

Enjoy the productivity brought to you by this cool add-on! Please do let me know if you run into any bugs or if you have any suggestions :)


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